How we help

We use machine learning and data to cut borrowing costs for young people and immigrants.

Lowest rates possible

We use proprietary technology to find affordable products for you.

Flexible terms

Monthly payments are adjusted to meet your needs -- no co-signer required.

Fast and Easy

Simple, secure online process, with human backup when you need us.


Common Questions

Visit our FAQ page for more answers, or contact us

To check the rates and terms we can offer you, QUAD-FI conducts a soft credit check that will not affect your credit score.

If you decide to continue with your application, we will request your full credit report from one or more consumer credit reporting agencies, which is considered a “hard” credit check. This can have an impact on your score.

On the other hand, taking a loan and paying it off on time will contribute positively to your score.

We always ask for your permission before contacting third parties.

Once approved, we need to verify your information with a few documents. If relevant, we’ll ask for your employment, assets, and academic records. These can be submitted easily and will be reviewed by our model, without any human bias.

We offer a choice of terms and rates. Generally, the longer you take to pay off the loan, the more interest you will pay – although your monthly payments may be lower.

Our interest rates for refinancing start from a minimum of 3%.

QUAD-FI uses a unique model that incorporates several factors including alternative financial data and academic performance. This produces a tailored and uniquely accurate rate for each applicant.

We do not charge origination fees, payment processing fees or prepayment penalties under any of our loans. The only fees there may be would be associated with collecting defaulted loans (but we haven’t had any to date).

If you have a thin or stale credit file, or are new to the country, most banks won’t consider you for a loan. We’re different.

We use a unique risk-rating model, which incorporates several factors, including educational performance, and offers an accurate rate for each individual. We offer low interest rates and flexible loan terms to meet your needs.