Partnership Benefits

Working with a mission-driven company drives success for our partners. By providing reasonable risk-adjusted loans when our customers need them most, early in their financial journey, our partners can build strong brand loyalty and drive higher LTV.

New opportunities

Access to new markets & customers with low CAC. Scale with Quad-Fi as we deepen credit markets.

Flexible implementation

Lenders can integrate our model to improve returns; smaller lenders can use our own lending and servicing platform.

Leverage AI/ML

Our current model generates higher risk-adjusted returns by incorporating alternative data. We are poised to benefit from the coming credit data revolution -- and our technology can be used to explore other market inefficiencies.

Make a difference

We offer higher returns and a positive social impact. We provide accurate default rates for the one in four North Americans who are currently misrated by or invisible to FICO -- this is the most efficient way to address financial exclusion.

Let's start a coversation

Learn more about how we can work together to fix consumer credit markets